About me

I am Rubén Villahermosa,

I divulge knowledge about trading and investment

My goal:

I want you to save and learn while maintaining realistic expectations

Whether you have been in the financial markets for a long time or you are a beginner, you have most likely experienced the frustration of losing money according to statistical data (up to 86% of traders lose).

The main reason is usually the application of methodologies and tools of dubious usefulness together with poor risk management.

I have been through it all myself.

After a random walk where I jumped from one tool to another the result was the same: broken account. And if it were as easy as some people suggest, we would all win.

I started to train myself. Then I wanted to explain in a simple way all the knowledge I had acquired. What I intend with this page is that:

Trading and investing with common sense

I have developed a method that combines two of the most powerful concepts for trading the stock market: the logic that offers us the Wyckoff Methodology together with the objectivity that provides the Volume Profile tool.

A lot of time, money and effort have made me reach a high level of expertise in these matters.

Knowledge that now I try to divulge from principles of honesty, transparency and responsibility.

Become a professional trader

If your goal is to make a quality leap in your trading let me recommend you to study the content of this website, as well as what is available on my Youtube channel.

If you find it interesting and want to delve even deeper into the concepts that I present, you can do so through the two books I have published.

You can purchase them at a discount on this website:

I hope you find a lot of value in the content I have prepared.

There is a lot of work behind it, and not only mine, but also that of other professionals and colleagues who have been making contributions over the last few years.

You are more than welcome. Participate, share and ask anything you consider. This way we will help other people.


Thank you for getting this far.

Would you like to ask me a question or make a contribution?