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“A trading course at book price”

Trading and Investing for Beginners
The Wyckoff Methodology in Depth
Wyckoff 2.0: Structures, Volume Profile and Order Flow



Ruben Villahermosa, Amazon bestseller and independent trader has written three books in a non-technical language and presented with a multitude of charts and real examples that will help you become a winning trader.

Discover a professional Technical Analysis method: THE WYCKOFF METHOD

In the financial markets, knowing what the big trader is likely to be doing is fundamental. Basically because they are the ones who have the ability to move the market. The Wyckoff method tries to identify the participation of the professional.

Book #1: Trading and Investing for Beginners

The best book to learn how to invest in the stock market from scratch.

This book is aimed at all traders and investors who are going to start from scratch to take their first steps in stock market trading and who want to get on the fast track.

What will you learn?

  • How to improve your personal economy with Financial Education.
  • The most used financial theories.
  • The main investment products.
  • ALL the financial jargon, explained.
  • The basics of Technical Analysis.
  • 3 Technical Analysis Methodologies.
  • 4 winning trading strategies.
  • Key Risk Management concepts. (IMPRESSIVE)
  • Emotional management, cognitive biases.
  • How to develop a trading plan step by step.
  • How to record and review your trades.
  • And how to start taking your first steps.

Book #2: The Wyckoff Methodology In Depth

The best book on advanced technical analysis

Aimed at technical analysts who want to specialize in a methodology whose principles are based on the study of the real engine: the interaction between supply and demand.

What will you learn?

  • How financial markets work.
  • Advanced concepts about price and volume.
  • The 3 fundamental laws.
  • The processes of accumulation and distribution.
  • The 7 fundamental market events.
  • The 5 phases of price structures.
  • The 3 Trading zones.
  • How to manage the position.

Book #3: Wyckoff 2.0: Structures, Volume Profile and Order Flow.

The only trading book written by and for advanced traders.

Wyckoff 2.0 is the natural evolution of the Wyckoff Methodology. It brings together two of the most powerful concepts in Technical Analysis: the best price analysis with the best volume analysis.

What will you learn?

  • Advanced knowledge about the functioning of financial markets: Dark Pools, OTC markets…
  • Tools created by and for professional traders:
    • Volume Profile.
    • Order Flow.
  • The crossing of orders and the problems of their analysis.
  • Building step by step your own trading and investment strategy.
  • Trading principles with Value Areas.
  • Order Flow patterns for DayTrading.
  • What is Wyckoff 2.0: the synergy between structure analysis and volume profiling.
  • Evolved concepts of Position Management.