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What is the Wyckoff Methodology?

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The Wyckoff Methodology is a technical analysis approach to operating in the financial markets based on the study of the relationship between supply and demand forces.

The approach is simple: When large traders want to buy or sell they carry out processes that leave their mark and can be seen in the charts through price and volume.

The Wyckoff methodology has survived the passage of time and this is no coincidence.

It is based on identifying that intervention of the professional to try to elucidate who has control of the market with the objective of operating alongside them.

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What makes it different from other approaches?

Real underlying logic

This is the main advantage that sets this methodology above the rest; it is based on solid principles.

Far from any kind of indicators, it focuses on the study of the interaction between supply and demand; which, as we know, is the engine of all financial markets.

In addition, it focuses on exploiting a deterministic advantage of the market such as the Cause/Effect relationship; where we expect that each trend movement (effect) is preceded by a lateral one (cause).


Another of its main advantages is that the reading is applicable:

The Wyckoff method has stood the test of time

More than 100 years of continuous development and use have proven the value of the method for trading all types of financial instruments.

This achievement should come as no surprise as it is based on the analysis of price action and volume to judge how it reacts to the battle that takes place between the real forces that govern all price changes: supply and demand.

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