Trading and Investing with Common Sense

Trading and Investing with
common sense

How to learn to invest in the financial markets

More than 80% of traders and investors lose money. The reason? It’s simply not as easy as some would have us believe. Statistics are not on our side.

The stock markets are controlled by large financial institutions, which allocate enormous resources and hire the best engineers, physicists and mathematicians to take the money from the rest of the participants. And you’re going to have to fight them. It doesn’t sound like an easy task.

But don’t worry because you have a chance, and it’s by leveling the playing field. Instead of fighting against them we will try Trading with them. For this you will have to become a complete trader and develop the 3 main areas that will determine to a great extent your final success:

Discover a professional Technical Analysis method

In the financial markets, knowing what the big trader is likely to be doing is fundamental. Basically because they are the ones who either handle privileged information; or conduct research that allows them to make more objective valuations; or simply because they have the ability to generate that the path of least resistance is up or down.

This is why we want to know what it is doing and we want to position ourselves in the same direction. This means that if the prints we can get from the chart analysis suggest that they may be buying, we will want to buy with them; and if we determine that they are most likely selling, we will sell with them.

I have written 3 books

I have written them in non-technical language and presented them with a multitude of graphics and real examples that will help you level the playing field and get closer to consistency.

The advantage of these books is that it will save you time, effort and money. I have been down that road myself and I know exactly what you need to know and how best to explain it so that it is understood.

They have been listed by many traders as one of the best trading and investment books. According to unsolicited words, they are: 

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Here I explain in depth what you will find

in each one of them:

Here I explain in depth what you will find in each one of them:

My first book:
The Wyckoff Methodology in Depth.

I explain in detail and with real examples, how you can trade logically in the financial markets.

What will you learn?

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My second book:
Wyckoff 2.0: Structures, Volume Profile and Order Flow

I explain how to combine the logic of the Wyckoff Methodology and the objectivity of the Volume Profile.

What will you learn?

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